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Newsletter 89
March, 14 2007

Design and Visualization services
ArchiCAD ArchiPLUS
Piranesi 5.0
Architectural Graphic Standars 11th Edition

Newsletter 88
December, 22 2006

Nemetschek is buying Graphisoft
ArchiCAD is named on the of the best products of 2006

Newsletter 87
August 7 2006

Archicad 10 Review
10 FAQ's about 10
Interactive Training Guide
Archicad Curriculum
User Group

Newsletter 86
June 2006

MacIntel Installation
Free Student Version
of Archicad 10


Newsletter 85
April 2006

Archicad 10

Newsletter 84
June 2005

Pacifico ArchiCAD Clinic
Tiger Spotlight
User Group

Newsletter 83
April 2005

ArchiCAD Tutorials
ArchiCAD Webinar
Pritzker Prize
New Parch GDL Objects
Library Management
User Group

Newsletter 82
January 2005

ArchiCAD Tutorials
ArchiCAD Success
New Products
Log Home Solution Movies
Free Templates
User Group

Newsletter 81
September 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
ArchiCAD 9
Piranesi 4 is shipping
User Group

Newsletter 80
July, 9 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
User Group

Newsletter 79
May, 10 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
User Group

Newsletter 78
April, 9 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
ArchiCAD University
User Group
ArchiGuide Links

Newsletter 77
March, 3 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
0% Financing
BIM There Done That
ArchiCAD University
User Group
ArchiGuide Links

Newsletter 76
January, 8 2004

ArchiCAD Tutorials
SmartParts Update
Graphisoft Envisions Newsletter
Cigraph Updates for 8.1
ArchiCAD University
8.1 R1 Patch
User Group
ArchiGuide Links

Newsletter 75
December 10, 2003

0% APR on ArchiCAD
Keyboard Shortcuts print out
ArchiCAD Tutorials
Artlantis 4.5.6
Updated templates
User Group
ArchiGuide Links

Newsletter 74
November 3, 2003

The Right Tool for the Right Job Seminar
8.0 and 8.1 Jump Start Training
Graphisoft Raids Autodesk Roster
ArchiCAD Talk get a new Web face
8.1 is Shipping free upgrade for 8.0 users
User Group
ArchiGuide Links

Newsletter 73
September 11, 2003
September Special
8.1 is coming
New Training Guide
The Mac G5 and ArchiCAD
User Group
Link of the Day

Newsletter 72
August 18, 2003
Trus Joist
User Group
Link of the Day

Newsletter 71
July 11, 2003
ArchiCAD 8.0 R3/V3
User Group
Piranesi Plug-in for 8.0
Switch to ArchiCAD

Newsletter 70
July 2, 2003
Switch to ArchiCAD
Apple G5
User Group
Align View Tutorial

Newsletter 69
June 6, 2003
ArchiCAD 8 go with the best
Rendering Steps
User Group
Roof Sweep Tutorial

Newsletter 68
May 7, 2003
ArchiCAD 8 Info The Crystal Ball:
User Group
Total Custom Window Tutorial

Newsletter 67
April 10, 2003

R2+/V2+ Patch
Macworld Review
Parch 8.0 Template
ArchiCAD 8 Info
User Group

Newsletter 66
March 28, 2003

Towards a new Architectural Process
ArchiCAD 8 Info
User Group

Newsletter 65
January 20, 2003

ArchiCAD 8 Info:
STS for AC 8
Artlantis 4.5
User Group

Newsletter 64
December 9, 2002

ArchiCAD 8: Important Info:
User Group
Upgrade before 12/20/02 and save!
Piranesi Test Drive

Newsletter 63
November 7, 2002

Upgrade before 12/20/02 and save!
ArchiCAD 8: Important features:
Student Version
User Group

Newsletter 62
September 10, 2002

ArchiCAD 8
US Coast Guard
Free Textures for Personal use
Illustration Secrets
Student Wins with ArchiCAD
GDL Campaign
User Group

Newsletter 61
July 22, 2002
New Products
Productivity with Project Publisher
User Group

Newsletter 60
June 19, 2002

20th Anniversary Release of ArchiCAD 7.0 r3
User Group
News from Cigraph
Piranesi 3.0

Newsletter 59
May 17, 2002

20/20 Promotion
User Tips
User Group
Piranesi 3.0

Newsletter 58
March 26, 2002

Save on ArchiCAD untill March 31
"What every Architect should know about Digital Imaging"
"What every ArchiCAD User should know about GDL"
Big News at Graphisoft
New Add-Ons
NAWIC Technology Night

Newsletter 57
February 26, 2001
Save on ArchiCAD untill March 31
NAWIC Technology Night
Gunnar Birkerts in Grand Rapids
Easy Survey
Plotmaker Tip
Excellent New Books
Does your technology make business sense?

Newsletter 56
January 4, 2001
ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users Part 2
Special Transitional User Session
The ArchiCAD part of Graphisoft is moving.
ArchiCAD Prices
ArchiCAD Tip
ArchiCAD 7.0 on Mac OSX is Reviewed by Macnet
Does your technology make business sense?

Newsletter 55
December 11, 2001

ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Success!
ArchiCAD runs on MAC OSX and Windows XP
DWG Export Tip
Detroit Iron
2001Cadalyst Lab All Star

Newsletter 54
October 23, 2001

ArchiCAD for AutoCAD users Road Show
ArchiCAD and Windows XP
ArchiCAD 7.0 R2 will stop supporting Windows 95
ArchiPaint is here
Parch Template Update
ArchiCAD Focused Training Sessions
GDL to be used by the 2nd Largest Internet retailer site: Office Depot

Newsletter 53
October 8, 2001

ArchiCAD for AutoCAD users Road Show
ArchiCAD 7.0 r2
ArchiCAD in education

Newsletter 52
September 7, 2001

Hey AutoCAD Users:
ArchiCAD 7.0 r2 is coming
ArchiCAD Focused Training Sessions:
Speed Tips for ArchiCAD

Newsletter 51
August 14, 2001

ArchiMaster 7.0
Free Training Days
Class: ArchiCAD Step by Step; Beginning on August 17th
ArchiCAD Focused Training Sessions

Newsletter 50
August 3, 2001

ArchiCAD 7.0 is Reviewed in Cadence magazine
Pacifico Associates Inc. and Boxtect Inc.
Newly Renovated Online Stores
Summer time SALE features:
ArchiCAD 7.0 notes:
New AutoCAD Promotion

Newsletter 49
June 28, 2001

ArchiCAD 7.0 is Shipping
CADENCE magazine give ArchiCAD 7.0 Editors' Choice Award
ArchiFM 7.0
Kajima Implements ArchiCAD
Published in CAD Comments
ArchiRuler Killer Add-on and ArchiFacade
Newly Renovated Stores
United States National CAD Standards
Is your other software IFC 2.0 certified? ArchiCAD is

Newsletter 48
June 1, 2001
ArchiCAD 7.0 Order Form

Newlstter 47
May 4, 2001

ArchiCAD 7.0 out of the box
Step by Step Class
New Artlantis for ArchiCAD
Architectural Graphic Standards

Newsletter 46
April 3, 2001

ArchiCAD 7.0
Architectural Graphic Standards
User Group and Classes

Newsletter 45
March 5, 2001

Artlantis 4.0 for ArchiCAD
Get Training or ArchiCAD Demo Online
March Special

Newsletter 44
January 18, 2001

New Products and a New Store
ArchiFM Object Store
The Architectural Scene Library
Step by Step Class
User Group
CAM Show

Newsletter 43
December 16, 2000

Graphisoft Key Client Conference
Web Usage
An American Wins the Graphisoft Prize
ArchiCAD at CAM EXPO 2001
Get Training or ArchiCAD Demo Online
Basic Tip

Newsletter 42
December 5, 2000

Getting the Partners Invloved
ArchiCAD Focused Training Sessions

Newsletter 41
November 22, 2000

ArchiCAD 7.0 will be "carbonized"
ArchiCAD Library Parts compared to an AutoCAD wblock compared to an ArchiCAD Module and Xref.
Class: ArchiCAD Step by Step  Beginning on December 1
ArchiCAD Focused Training Sessions:

Newsletter 40
November 4, 2000

Another Free Formed Modeler for ArchiCAD
ADT2  User view of ArchiCAD
Other AutoDesk news
Class: ArchiCAD Step by Step  Beginning on December 1

Newsletter 39
October 28, 2000

Wedge Issues
Google Search
Log Home Library
Books on ArchiCAD

Newsletter 38
October 17, 2000

Online Store
Online Discussion
Step by Step Classes
Focused Training Sessions

Newsletter 37
Sept 11, 2000

Step by StepTraining
Focused Training
User Group Meetings
6.5 R3/V3

Newsletter 36
July 14, 2000

User Group Meetings
ArchiCAD 6.5 Review in Cadence and CAD/CAM Magazines

Newsletter 35
April 14, 2000

User Group Meetings

Newsletter 34
April 14, 2000

6.5 R2/V2 whats new
New StairMaker 4.1

Newsletter 33
April 14, 2000

6.5 R2/V2
OS News
Graphisoft buys DrawBase
6 Targeted Training Sessions in 2 days

Newsletter 32
December 20, 1999

FAQ 6.0 to 6.5
6.5 Goodies
Graphisoft Watch
Educational Series

Newsletter 31
November 8, 1999

Cadalyst Review
Step by Step Class
Travese City User Group

Newsletter 30
October 21, 1999

User Group Meetings
ArtLantis Render 3.5 New Features

Newsletter 29
October 1, 1999

ArchiCAD 6.5
Partial New Feature List

Newsletter 28
September 20, 1999

The Best is Getting Better
ArchiCAD 6.5
The Design Build Series
Newsletter 27
August 1, 1999

Free Training
User Group Meetings
Free stuff on the installation CD
Sale on NEW SmartParts

Newsletter 26
July 17, 1999

ArchiCAD in the Press

Profiler vs ProfileMaker
Drag and Drop
Load v5/r5

Newsletter 25
June 12, 1999

Graphisoft wins big at
AEC Technology Show
The Keynote Speech and Vision
Step by Step Class
Get HotSpots

Newsletter 24
May 15, 1999

User Group
Step by Step Class
"Wagging the Firm"
A member of the Big Three Gabor Speaks
Project Framwork
AC-Talk Tip: Non-vertical walls

Newsletter 23
April 14, 1999

User Group Meetings
Step by Step Class
Free API's and List Templates

Newsletter 22
March 1, 1999

Graphisoft exceed analyst expectations
Wall Street Journal
Apples new video driver
Use Pack & Go for DWG files
Multi-level support

Newsletter 21
February 1, 1999

Apple's new look
MSA Detailer

Newsletter 20
January 15, 1999

CAM Expo 99
Plotmaker Tip

Newsletter 19
January 8, 1999

Design/Build Series
Design & Presentation CD
Production & Estimating CD

Newsletter 18
December 15, 1998

Design Build Series
MSA Detailer 3.0

Newsletter 17
December 6, 1998

ArchiCAD is Top Medal Winner third year in a row at the 3D CAD Shoot-Out,
Cadence Editor's Choice Award,
Texas A&M University and Yale to Teach ArchiCAD,
IAI DXFII and interoperability standard,
ArchiCAD Presenter
Artlantis 3.5 rumors

Newsletter 16
November 6, 1998

This Old House, Fonts, iMac, DWG & SHX,

Newsletter 15
October 2, 1998

DGN, "Roof", "Piping", "Presenter"
6.0 Builders Edition

Newsletter 14
September 1, 1998

TeamWork Tips, Hardware
change the default fill

Newsletter 13
August 5,1998
The Midwest ArchiCAD Clinic
ArchiCAD 6.0 features examples:

Newsletter 12
July 11,1998

CADence Magizeen
6.0 Upgrade Seminar and Training
SmartParts on Sale

Newsletter 11
June 18, 1998

AutoCAD takes a closer look
AEC Show Top Gun
PayPerUse is going away
Educational ArchiCAD 6.0
Now is the time to upgrade
Additional 6.0 Info
Graphisoft goes public

Newsletter 10
June 1, 1998

ArchiCAD 6.0
ArchiSITE 5.5

Newsletter 9
May 1, 1998

6.0 Rumors and Facts
Graphisoft Prize

Newsletter 8
April 2, 1998
Graphisoft Wins Coveted 'Codie Award'
SPA Recognizes ArchiCAD For Teamwork as Best Groupware Product
Subject: Re: Hot Links
How does one allocate more RAM to ArchiCAD TW under WindowsNT4/SP3

Newsletter 7
March 17, 1998
Installed base surges 25% in one year as company solidifies position among AEC leaders
How does Art*lantis Render work?

Newsletter 6
March 7, 1998
ArchiCAD ®for Teamwork Is Best Groupware Product Finalist in SPA's 1998 Codie Awards
An interesting Demolition Method from ArchiTALK

Newsletter 5
January 29, 1998
Some thoughts on Backing Up

Newsletter 4
January 17, 1998
ArchiGuide Service and Support Package is now available:

Newsletter 3
December 20, 1997
ArchiCAD® Supports New Interoperability Standard Leading CAD Programs Demonstrate Integration in Frankfurt
So you've got a curvy bezier line in 2D and you want another one running parallel to it.

Newsletter 2
December 6, 1997
Graphisoft Congratulates All Winners of Annual "Architecture as Spectator Sport"

Newsletter 1
October 4, 1997
3 New Libraries are now Available for ArchiCAD for TeamWork

Parch Newsletter 76

ArchiCAD Tutorials
SmartParts Update
Graphisoft Envisions Newsletter
Cigraph Updates for 8.1
ArchiCAD University
8.1 R1 Patch
User Group
ArchiGuide Links News 76
January 8, 2004 ArchiCAD Newsletter

Pacifico Associates Inc. (248) 399-3D4U
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SmartParts Update by Neil McCann
Author of D3 SmartParts 8

The other day I asked Neil McCann whats new with your SmartParts? And have you had any issues with the new GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)?

Neil: "The Real Doors + Windows 8 have gone though a number of feature enhancements. The first thing you will notice is how much easier it is to find and select settings. With the ability to hide parameters, if a feature is turned off, the additional setting parameters are hidden.

Additional features include:

  • Masonry openings with lintels, sills and keystones
  • Plinth blocks and rosettes
  • Independent trim header that's user customizable
  • Custom glazing bars for glass doors and windows
  • Stretchable sizes snapping to modular increments and operable in 2D and 3D
  • Arch tops on all windows and much more.
    D3 SmartParts 8 New Features List

The reason for using Real Doors + Windows 8 rather than ArchiCAD's new ones is the ease-of-use with only the flexible features you need to get what you want. There's no heavy user interface like some other libraries, just a simple graphical selection of styles and logically displayed parameter list. Plus, the scripts are all open and easy to customize, and best of all, free, fast and friendly tech support.

GUIDs are good. All D3 SmartParts have been processed in AC 8 so they are 'kissed' with the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). What this behind-the-scene scheme means to D3 SmartParts users is that when a situation where another library has an object or macro called by a D3 object using the same name, there should be no conflicts and the two objects with the same names will coexist in the plan file since AC will be looking at the GUID stored inside the object. The result is that two objects with the same name will not cause replacement issues as in ArchiCAD versions prior as long as they are saved from AC 8.

The other nice situation is if the name of the object changes, AC will find the correct object using the GUID instead of the name. However, if the first object with the same name is not in an active library, AC will look for the same named object finding the second object with the same name and then replaces the first one with the second. GUIDs are a good thing."

For more info
To order
SmartParts Web Site
D3 SmartParts 8 Press Release
D3 SmartParts 8 New Features List

Any set $99 or the complete Collection for $444
(Regular $195.00 and $695.00)
until January 31, 2004

New Graphisoft Envisions Newsletter

Graphisoft has revitalized it's newsletter with much richer content including some from Pacifico Associates Inc. Check it out Back Issues

Cigraph has announced updates and some upgrades to there popular ArchiCAD Add-ons, now ready for 8.1.

Download the demos

ArchiTerra 2.0 New (Upgrade from 1.0 for $125.00 call)

Buy them here or call

Free Basic Training with a purchase AC 101

  • Tuesday, January 13

ArchiCAD Intermediate Training AC 201 and AC 202 $500.00 includes both days.

  • Tuesday, January 20 and Tuesday January 27

Our regular training schedule
8:30 am to 3:00 pm
If interested please call (248) 399-3348 or Email to sign up

Training by the hour
Sometimes this can be more cost effective than taking a class. We charge $85.00 an hour and we can do this in our office or yours (included $40 an hour travel time) or we can do it over the internet. Send us a CD of your last project. Make a list of questions and things you want to cover and we can review and suggest better ways of getting your projects done.

ArchiCAD University West is a 3 day training event in Los Angeles March 25, 26, 27. The speakers are topnotch. Well worth it, to get 3 days of information.

An ArchiCAD 8.1 R1+/V1+ Patch (Build 1410) is available from the Graphisoft US Technical Resource Read what it fixes in the Release Notes . It is intended to update 8.1 v1/r1 (USA) cd-rom release only. The downloads are large (18.7 MB) Windows and (37.4 MB) Macintosh. Check the release notes to see if you have experienced any of the issues that this patch resolves. I haven't noticed any other bonuses in this release.

User Group Meeting:
Detroit ArchiCAD User Group

Tuesday, January 20th 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Pacifico Associates Inc. in Royal Oak, MI

Questions. Production, Working Drawings. Modules. Screen Fills in Section Elevation. Automatic Labelling.

I'm going to a reseller meeting the last days of January. What would you like Graphisoft to know?

ArchiCAD Tutorials

Custom Mullions

I had a good question the other day. How can I easily make windows like the ones below?

In 8.1 window library you will find under the Custom Settings tab, a user interface for parameters.

1. Click on Sash Tab
2. Highlight HV Grid Custom Sash Style
3. Type the number of Vertical and Horizontal Panes your going to need
4. Check the box for Mullions to Edited by 3D Hotspots

In the 3D window now you will be able move the Grid graphically

Click on one of the Diamond shaped (3D Hotspots) They are highlighted here in red.

And move the grid where you would like it. If you type N or highlight the dimension you can type in the precise distance if you know it.

ArchiGuide Links
General Index
17 New installments to this use full guide since our last newsletter:
The latest five articles uploaded were:

A note from Frank Chin "I regret to inform that the GDL-World web-site will be taken offline from 13th. January, 2004 due to the discontinuing of all free hosting services by the host."

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